Northrop & Caetano



Gold, “got milk?” “Get the Glass” site
Silver, Converse integrated campaign
Silver, Converse gallery site
Bronze, Rolling Rock iintegrated campaign
Bronze, MINI stencil insert
Merit, Cingular online campaign

Titanium/Integrated shortlist for Hacking Autism
Gold Cyber Lion, “got milk?” “Aliens” site
Gold Cyber Lion, “got milk?” “Aliens” online campaign
Gold Cyber Lion, “got milk?” “Get the Glass” site
Gold Lion, Norton “Most Dangerous Town on the Internet”
Silver Cyber Lion, Burger King “Ugoff” retail website
Bronze Cyber Lion, Sprint, site
Shortlist, integrated campaign, “got milk?” “Aliens” campaign
Shortlist, Rolling Rock web films
Shortlist, Rolling Rock integrated campaign
Shortlist, Sprint “Tools for Love” site
Shortlist, “Nick(it)” website
Shortlist, Cinglar online campaign
Finalist, Coca-Cola online campaign
Finalist, MINI “Motoring School”
Finalist, Norton “Most Dangerous Town on the Internet”

Gold, truth “Crazyworld” TV campaign
Gold, “got milk?” “Get the Glass” website
Gold, “got milk?” “Get the Glass” online game
Silver, Burger King” “Uggofliments” website
Silver, print, truth “Crazyworld” ticket insert
Silver, “got milk?”
Silver, Converse integrated campaign
Bronze, Converse gallery website
Bronze, Sprint site, branded content
Bronze, HD DVD banner campaign
Merit, Telluride Tourism print campaign
Merit, MINI “Mavericks” insert
Merit, MINI stencil insert
Merit, interactive, Beyond the Banner, Burger King “Ugoffliments”
Merit, interactive, Corporate Image, Burger King “Ugoff”
Merit, Converse gallery website
Merit, Cingular Wireless online campaign
Merit, Ministerio dos Transportes
Merit, “Nick(it)” website
Merit, MINI Parking Garage Finder
Merit, MINI Parking Mantra



Gold, truth “Crazyworld” integrated campaign
Gold, MINI stencil insert
Gold, “got milk?” “Get the Glass” animation on the web
Silver, brand building, “got milk?” “Get the Glass”
Bronze, Rolling Rock integrated campaign
Bronze, MINI “Maverick” insert
Bronze, “got milk?” “Planet in Need” website
Sports Clio for Samsung global football campaign

Black Pencil, “got milk?” “Get the Glass”
Silver Pencil, “got milk?” “Get the Glass”
In-book for Hacking Autism
In-book for Converse integrated campaign

Gold, interactive, “got milk?” “Aliens” campaign
Gold, interactive, “got milk?” “Aliens” campaign, websites
Gold, “got milk?”
Gold, “got milk?” “Get the Glass,” online games
TV winner, truth “Crazyworld”
Radio winner, Compass Bank “Auto Voice Habits”
Television finalist, truth “Grapes”
Print finalist, MINI “Book of Maintenance”
Print finalist, MINI “Roof Design Generator”
Television finalist, truth “Crazyworld” “Grapes”
Outdoor finalist, MINI “Mavericks”
Radio campaign finalist, Telluride Tourism campaign
Radio finalist, Telluride Tourism “Huckfest”
Radio finalist, Telluride Tourism “Snotsicle”
Radio finalist, Telluride tourism, “Mogulsexua”
Finalist, Jansport Hydration website
Finalist, “Nick(it)” website
Finalist, Sprint “Remix” website

Finalist, Telluride Tourism “Mogulsexual”
Shortlist, Compass Bank “Automated Voice Habits”

Best in Show, MINI print campaign, “Roof Design Generator”
Best insert/outsert campaign, Virgin Atlantic “Boarding Pass” insert campaign
Silver, MINI “Gas Tank Sticker” insert
Finalist, MINI “Grab Handle” campaign