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EA: Get Into Your Opponent’s Head


Getting into your rival's head means getting on the winner's bracket. So we created an app that gave Madden gamers five ways to take their trash-talking to the next level. Each tool took the functionality of Facebook and tweaked it, letting gamers talk smack in a whole new way.

Role: Creative Director
Agency: Heat


Case Study


Facebook APP

The app also let gamers post fake check-ins, relationship statuses, photo tags and events on their rivals’ Facebook walls. Including the Smack vids, there were nearly 350 combinations of smack-talkery available.


Smack Vids

We filmed 27 Smack vids that gamers could post on their rivals’ Facebook walls, where the pros did the trash-talking for them. Below are five examples. The sixth video is a branded-content piece that drove viewers to the app.