Northrop & Caetano

Sprint: Campaigns


Two important things went down after we won the Sprint business: first, we convinced Sprint to be the first telecom to actually celebrate this miraculous technology; and second, we leveraged this light painting device to bring it to life.

Role: Co-writer/Creative Director
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners



How do you own data speed and celebrate a mobile NFL application? You create an integrated campaign that takes fans inside the mind of the fastest brain in football.  

Role: Creative Director
Agency: Goodby Silverstein and Partners

Case Study

Manning's Mind TV



Live from your pocket, it’s the NFL via Sprint’s NFL app. The talents of Psyop helped bring this spot to life. And, of course, the iconic sound of Queen.

Role: Creative director
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

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Regional Red Zone Print and OOH

Part of the challenge for Sprint’s NFL partnership was to develop an idea that worked on a national level as well as a regional level. And to do more than just fill stadiums with Sprint logos. So we developed a visual device using actual stadium seating charts. The work ended up on stadium signage, programs and local newspapers. It also helped fans find their seats.



For their Valentine’s Day promotion, Sprint needed a retail site to showcase their deals on phones. Of course, phones aren’t all that romantic. Or are they? It was a real honor to work with the late, great Isaac Hayes on this one. Mr. Hayes brought a special kind of romance to the experience.  


Award: Cannes Cyber Lion Shortlist