Northrop & Caetano

Where Cyber Crime Goes To Hide


In the second episode of the “Most Dangerous Town on the Internet” web series, we explored the hidden world of bulletproof hosting. These facilities are the homes to the dark web, terrorist activity and some of the most dangerous cyber criminals. They live in a gray area of legality and operate in some of the most insane locations. We set out to discover these threats and to show how Norton stays informed about the latest threats of cyber crime.

Role: Art Director / Designer
Agency: Grey San Francisco


Art Direction

The campaign was designed to emulate a movie launch. Movie posters featuring the different types of “bulletproof hosting” around the world became the key visuals for the program.



Primary, my role in the campaign was to come up with the overall art direction and design all the digital touch points.  I am adding the film here to give context to the work.