Northrop & Caetano
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Boogarins Music Video



This music video is a modern take on Brazilian Naïf Art. The graphic and colorful technique navigates through violent exchanges between different species, continuing all the way to mankind and his unjustified gestures of brutality.

This is the second creative partnership between myself and Boogarins, followed by the art concepts for their second album, Manual, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2016.


Run the gauntlet

It is straight ,
It is curvy,
it is the comeback
of what you did.

All the pain at once.

It wakes,
it  scares,

if you don’t want,
why did you come?


Music by  Boogarins
Directed by Nei Caetano da Silva & Tom Yaniv
Illustrations by Nei Caetano da Silva  -
Animation by Tom Yaniv -
Typography by Leandro Senna -