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Samsung: Creating an Intergalactic Football Franchise



Galaxy 11 was Samsung’s yearlong World Cup 2014 sports-marketing effort, and we created a branded entertainment, social and product campaign to support it. The campaign was based on a mythical team made up of 13 of the world's best football players brought together to train and fight in an intergalactic battle against aliens.

I was involved in all aspects of the campaign, from shooting the world’s biggest football stars to figuring out how to pull off a global mobile-gaming competition.

The project took 12 months to produce, and I traveled around the globe to make it, enjoying many truly amazing experiences along the way.

Role: Creative Director
Agency: R/GA
Award: Clio Sports Awards


Case Study

Beckenbauer Recruits The Captain

Galaxy 11 is defined 

An Anthem for Galaxy 11

Wear the Jersey

Play for Earth